Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Mobile Traffic Report

There has been a great deal written about the use of Smartphones to consume data services. Between the iPhone, RIM, Nokia N Series, Palm and Windows devices there are more models of Smartphones in the market than ever before. For the February report, AdMob created a classification for Smartphones and began tracking the traffic share we can attribute to these devices. We also show the Smartphone manufacturer share of requests worldwide and for each of our top markets. We believe this provides a good way to track the share of Smartphones by market and gain insight into the leading Smartphone manufacturers. In future we plan to include Smartphone operating system data as well.

Noteworthy for March

* Network impressions increased 10.0% (2,553,018,899 for March vs. 2,321,477,067 for February).

* Requests increased 11.8% (2,865,167,969 for March vs. 2,562,527,510 for February).

* 24.5% of ad requests in our network worldwide were from Smartphones.

* US requests grew 13.8% March over February (short month) to outpace network growth.

* The RAZR V3 took the top device spot in the US and the Nokia N70 moved into the top spot in India. The top devices remained the same in South
Africa (Motorola v360) UK (SonyEricsson K800i) and Indonesia (Nokia 6600).

* Worldwide fill rates were 89.0% in March. This was the result of increased use of geographic targeting from advertisers in March.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mobile Traffic observation

Extracted from admod data:

* Three of the top five devices in the US are Smartphones (BlackBerry and Blackjack).
* South Africa and Indonesia are both in the top five markets.
* The iPhone is already generating meaningful mobile web traffic.
* All ten of the top ten devices in India are made by Nokia.

Mobile Mail, Chat and PIM


Yahoo Mail

Windows Live Mail




Google Calendar

30 Boxes

88 Miles


Windows Live Messenger

eBuddy AIM,Y!, MSN IM

Remember the Milk


Mobile RSS Reader

Google Reader


Bloglines Beta



News Alloy


Mobile Blog and RSS




Original Signal Web 2.0

MSN Spaces



Mobile Weather Sites

Weather Channel

Yahoo! Weather



Infospace Weather


Weather Underground

Mobile Search Engines Revisit

Google Classic

New Google

Yahoo oneSearch





MS Live Search


AOL Search




Bogle's YubNub

MB YubNub


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

mobile ads tips

Part of speech is important. People click on nouns.

    • Nouns are 67% more likely to be clicked than verbs
    • Nouns are 71% more likely to be clicked than adjectives
    • Plural nouns are 48% more likely to be clicked than singular nouns
    • Proper nouns are 0.7% less likely to be clicked than non-proper nouns

Word position matters. For each position further in the copy, the word is 8.7% less likely to be clicked.

    • Words in the first position get clicked 8.54% of the time
    • Words in the second position get clicked 37.8% of the time
    • Words in the third position get clicked 15.2% of the time

Length makes a difference.

    • Words with 10 characters have 82% higher odds to be clicked than words with 6 characters

Monday, September 17, 2007

adsense for mobile released

Google is launching AdSense for Mobile, which will allow marketers to place contextual ads on sites viewed via mobile devices. The company has been running mobile ads through its auction-based AdWords program since mid-2006. Now it will be automatically converting AdWords ads to text ads that will appear when someone accesses a participating Web site on a mobile device. The Web sites must be optimized for mobile browsers first.
Basically, the system reviews the content on the site and delivers text ads that are relevant; the publisher earns money every time an ad is clicked on. AdSense for Mobile will be available in the U.S., England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, The Netherlands, Australia, India, China and Japan. Not in Canada yet.